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Dr.Minton and her staff are wonderful, they do everything they can to make your pet as comfortable as possible. Dr.Minton is so great with my cats, my husband and I call her the cat whisperer when we tell our friends about her. We are so happy to have found a great vet here! —Victoria Rose-Callahan

I love that I can completely trust the team at Crossroads Animal Clinic to take care of my fur-babies in any situation. I recently took my little girl in when she wasn't feeling well and now she's home feeling so much better than before. Thank you so much for watching over my furry kids as if they were your own! —Gary Davidson

I brought my cat in, thinking I would probably have to put her to sleep, as she is almost 14, and she was very uncomfortable (scratching at her ears and mouth, lethargic, and seemed in pain). I was heartbroken. All I can say, is everyone was so nice and kind. Kara Lewton was the vet and she took so much time with me to make my cat comfortable and me, too. She explained things, and said she felt there was a chance she could help, after the examination. She gave her several shots and said lets see how things go? Well, it was touch and go for the first week, but now 10 days later, awwww my furbaby is back to normal, maybe even better!! They gave me a break in the cost, and sample flea meds, so thank-full. I feel so lucky to have found Crossroads! I have had cats all my life, and most vets just hurry you through, some not much compassion. Jen,(very sweet and one of the office staff), called a couple times to see how things were, and how the cat was. So, if you are new to the area, or have gotten a new furbaby, or just not happy with your old vet, give them a try. I usually don't gush over reviews, but is this case, I just had to. =^.^= —Desirae Knight

Absolutely! Excelled my expectations and will refer all my pet owner friends to Crossroads Animal Clinic. Thanks for the wonderful kindness and overall well-being or my lil' man Cooper! Ya'll are Great! —Sarah Orr

I love the way you respond to my dog and my family. The love that everyone in the clinic has for animals shows through them. Thank you for being so amazing! —Amber Walter

Our first visit I was afrai it was good-bye for Toto. Dr. Minton and her staff have made Toto happy again. He "wags a happy tail". Thank you! Thank you! —Sue McAdams

Yes. You all were available for many questions when Leo was very, very sick. You kept us informed and took great care of him. Thanks for saving my baby! —Stephanie Miller

Crossroads certainly met my expectations. Giuseppe had a good experience (cat declaw). He did really well with his post op recovery due to approapriate pain management. —Stephanie Biesi

We came to Crossroads with a very sick dog. She felt better in a couple of days and we felt better immediately because of the compassionate care and thorough information we received. A++ —Amy & John Fink

Crossroads is clean, staff is friendly. Dr. Minton gave thorough explanations. I liked that I was allowed to watch any test I wanted. Felt like Belle received a caring exam and felt Dr. Minton understood Belle's complicated history. —Carol Wilson

Overall I was extremely impressed. Very small wait times with super friendly and caring doctor and technicians. The visits do not cost a fortune. —Jamie Pearson

Yes! I've never taken my pet to a clinic where I and my pet felt completely at ease! You guys are terrific! —Wanda Woods

Dr. Minton was AWESOME! My pet has many issues and she was able to amke me feel very comfortable and spoke to me in a very polite manner about his condition and treatment options. She was very nice and helped me understand what was going on and seemed genuinly concerned which made me feel great! All the staff was very friendly and helpful! —Amy VanSyckle